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Komen dan Penghargaan dari Pengasas International Neuro Semantics Society Dr L. Michael Hall mengenai 2nd International Nuero Semantic Conference 2013, Grand Blue Wave Hotel, Malaysia oleh Akademi NLP Malaysia, MTM Consultants Sdn. Bhd.


From: L. Michael Hall

Meta Reflections 2012  #28

June 24, 2013





We have just now completed the Neuro-Semantic Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and what an experience! As I think about trying to convey the excitement, the learnings, the connections, the building of community, I do not have words for it.  Externally, here are some of the facts of what happened this past weekend:

  • 150 people attended
  • They came from 20 countries and the team in Kuala Lumpur created a Flag Wall of the 20 nations
  • 18 workshops on the theme of Coaching Excellence
  • 6 moving Keynote Presentations and when I say moving, I think we hit a new benchmark on inspiration!
  • Hundred and perhaps thousands of pictures and videos were taken — which you can find on Facebook and LinkedIn, and who knows where else on the internet.  Check out the International Society of Neuro-Semantics on Facebook to get an idea of the hundreds and thousands of pictures.

The Venue: We were in a 5-star hotel in the heart of Shah Alam— the Grand BlueWave Shah Alam and Dr. Md Taib Mat and the MTM Consultants was our sponsor for the event and I cannot say enough good things about the sponsorship, the dedication and work that Taib and his team put into making this Conference a big success!  They sequenced all of the workshops in the three rooms, the ballroom on the main floor and two workshop rooms on the second floor.  They provided a very extensive lunch so that everybody could eat together and socialize for the hour-and-a-half for lunch.  This was provided for every participants each day of the conference.  They also organized things so that each workshop was video-taped (which we will be talking about when those video-tapes as DVDs are made available), and the certificates, the Neuro-Semantic Shirts and coffee cups, and on and on.

Now within all of that set up and preparation, we had many fabulous workshops from presenters from literally all over this planet.  I’m sure there are pictures on Facebook and other places of the flag wall of the 20 countries represented.  We also had six keynotes, I had the privilege of leading out and speaking about the theme of Actualizing which comes from the Psychology of Self-Actualization.  Then there were very moving keynotes from Mandy Chai and Colin Cox and very practical, down to earth keynotes from Lene Fjellheim and Dr. Md Taib Mat although they were simultaneously inspiring and uplifting.

The participants who attended expanded the full range.  They ranged from brand new to NLP and Neuro-Semantics— virgins to this whole field to those who are Practitioners to Master Practitioners, and to Trainers.  We also had many Licensed Meta-Coaches there from many countries.  And I talked with many of the participants who really, really appreciated the fact that their Trainers informed them about the Conference— that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to me the Who’s Who in Neuro-Semantics and NLP in their own country.  Many spoke about that with tears in their eyes about the wonderful and unique opportunity.

The Workshops for the most part were really wonderful.  The thematic focus throughout was the use of the Meaning–Performance Axes which leads to the Self-Actualization Quadrants and I heard presenters use and expand and develop those models in ways that enriched my knowledge of them!  And John Sands and Shane Stewart took the Axes of Change model to a new level and application.  When the videos come out, by all means get their workshop on that.

Leadership Summit: Prior to the Conference, the Neuro-Semantic Leadership Team met for 3 days to address various issues and to plan for the future of Neuro-Semantics.  While we communicate regularly among ourselves, it is also critically important to meet face to face to renew our relationships and friendships and in doing that this time, we all felt that we moved much, much closer to being a functional team rather than just a working group.  After all, when we gather we have to practice the very things that we teach, train, and coach— communication, authenticity, fierce conversations, conflict resolution, etc.  And for those on the exclusive egroups of the Meta-Coaches and Trainers, more will be coming from the Leadership Team in the next few weeks.

At the end of the Conference, we inducted Dr. Md Taib Mat into the Leadership Team. He is the first person on the team from Malaysia or this part of the world, the first Moslem Neuro-Semantic Trainer and Meta-Coach on the team and so we are very proud of Taib as a man of vision and integrity and one who will very well represent this part of the planet.

PCMC Assessment: During the days and nights of the Conference, I also had the opportunity along with most of the Leadership Team to benchmark three people who reached PCMC Status (Professional Certified Meta-Coach) — Femke Stuut, Mandy Chai, and Silvia Serna.  A great big Congratulations for them!  That brings the number of Meta-Coaches with PCMC level to 21.  And when you see a PCMC person coach — it is typically a very moving experience.  I felt moved by all three and with each I experienced one of those momentary “peak experiences” just watching it!

The next Conference — the Third International Neuro-Semantic Conference will be in Hong Kong in 2015 and Mandy Chai is the sponsor and leader for that Conference.  For that one we have set our goal to double the attendance again, and so anticipate 300 for that Conference.  Mark your calendar — June 2015 Hong Kong.